Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus drastically changes his attitude towards the OCU from negative to positive

12.08.2022, 14:49
Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus drastically changes his attitude towards the OCU from negative to positive - фото 1
The hierarch of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, Metropolitan Isaiah of Tamassos and Orenia, who recently visited Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, said that he had received new data on the Ukrainian church issue. We are talking about the study of consecrations of bishops of the OCU.

Isaiah has previously opposed recognition but seems to have changed his mind based on new scientific research. This is reported by Spiritual Front of Ukraine with reference to the bishop's interview published at

"With great patience, both him (Patriarch Bartholomew – Ed.) and his assistants, who are experts on this issue (granting the Tomos to the OCU – Ed. of SFU), described to us in detail the position of the Patriarchate on this issue. They gave us some answers through legal and historical treatises, which we will study very carefully. In fact, just a few days ago, a brilliant scientific study about the canonical origin of ordinations of Ukrainian bishops recognized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate was prepared by His Eminence, arch-Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical see, Fr. Gregory Fragakis," Metropolitan Isaiah said.

He stressed that this study would clarify many things that were previously unclear.

"This fact, we believe, will clarify and shed light on this complex issue, which was the main reason for our warnings, as well as those of many other bishops in Orthodoxy," Metropolitan Tamas said.

He also commented on his position on the decisions of the Church of Cyprus on recognising the OCU and commemorating Metropolitan Epifaiy as the Primate of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

"I make it clear that obedience to them is an obligation for every member of our Holy Synod who respects our Synodal system. I can't give you a clearer answer than this one. Obedience to the Holy Synod," Isaiah reiterated.

Among other things, he said that Patriarch Bartholomew treated him with fatherly love and great understanding.

"I announced the resumption of religious tours from the Archdiocese of Tamassos to Constantinople, which were interrupted due to the coronavirus epidemic. His Holiness also awarded honorary titles to some outstanding clergy of our archdiocese, which brought us special joy. We were really impressed by his open heart and kindness," says Isaiah.

Previously Metropolitan Isaiah of Tamas was one of four metropolitans who refused to comply with the decision of the Synod of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus to recognize the OCU. He also stated that he would not commemorate the Primate of the Church of Cyprus during the divine service.

After Isaiah's recent visit to the Phanar, analysts noted that he repented to the patriarch and changed his position on the OCU.