Metropolitan of UOC-MP found to have evidence of anti-Ukrainian activities

12.10.2022, 11:45
Metropolitan of UOC-MP found to have evidence of anti-Ukrainian activities - фото 1
Pro-Russian materials were found at the home of Metropolitan Ionafan (Yeletsky) of the UOC-MP. He promoted the Russian World and incited religious hatred.

The expert examination initiated by the SBU confirmed the illegal nature of the perpetrator's actions. Vinnytsia region police chief Ivan Ishchenko reported this on Facebook.

"Given the operational support of employees of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Vinnytsia region and the procedural management of the Vinnytsia regional prosecutor's office, Police investigators of the Vinnytsia region conducted searches at the place of residence and in religious buildings during which evidence of criminal activity was seized: printed materials with the appeal of Putin and the Russian Patriarch to the citizens of Ukraine, recognition of the quasi – republics of the 'LPR and DPR'," the police chief of the Vinnytsia region said in a statement.

During authorized searches at the Metropolitan's place of residence and in religious buildings, law enforcement officers seized:

o computer equipment and mobile terminals,
o printed materials with pro-Russian content and propaganda literature;
o other physical evidence sent for examination.

Within the framework of criminal proceedings under Article 161 (violation of equal rights of citizens depending on their race, national, religious affiliation, religious beliefs, disability and other grounds) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the issue of notifying the person involved of suspicion is being considered.

The police identify the persons involved in the illegal activities of the Metropolitan.

For such actions, Metropolitan Ionafan can face a sentence of up to 5 years in prison.

In 2019, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary, Metropolitan Ionafan received an order of St. Seraphim of Sarov from Moscow.