Mufti posthumously confers the medal of the RAMU ‘Ummah’ on a Crimean Tatar killed in ATO

07.09.2020, 11:40
Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine 'Umma' Sheikh Said Ismagilov posthumously conferred the medal 'For Service to Islam and Ukraine' on a Muslim, Lenur Ibadullayev – a Crimean Tatar and volunteer of the 'Right Sector', who died in 2018 in the Donbas near Avdiivka during the shelling.

Mufti posthumously confers the medal of the RAMU ‘Ummah’ on a Crimean Tatar killed in ATO - фото 58148


'Religion in Ukraine' has reported this while citing І

The award was presented on August 28, 2020, at the Islamic cultural center in Kyiv. Sheikh Said Ismagilov handed it to two veterans of the ATO, Crimean Tatars Valdaro Sumergir and Rustem Khalilov. They, in turn, will present the medal to the relatives of the deceased soldier.

During the presentation of the medal, the mufti read out the order on the posthumous award of Ibadullayev.

“For the self-sacrificing defense of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people from Russian armed aggression, for the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, for conscientious military service, as well as on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine, I order to posthumously confer the medal 'For Service to Islam and Ukraine', medal # 93, on a soldier of the Ukrainian volunteer corps 'Right Sector', Ibadullayev Lenur, call sign Shah,” the order reads, as cited by the website Krym.Realii.

Lenur Ibadulayev was also posthumously conferred the medal 'Volunteer' by the Association of Combatants of Ukraine. Anti-terrorist operation veteran Rustem Khalilov said that he knew the deceased soldier, Lenur Ibadullayev.

“I met him in 2015. He participated in the civil blockade of Crimea. Then he went to fight in the ranks of the 'Right Sector'. This man had a clear life stance. He got up and went to war. I extend my condolences and sympathy to his parents. They can be proud of their son and the way they raised him,” Khalilov said.

It is not for the first time that medal 'For Service to Islam and Ukraine', established by the Religious Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine 'Ummah', awarded posthumously. In 2019, 57 among the defenders of the country - military, volunteers and paramedics, who were awarded this distinction of the RAMU 'Ummah', the five persons were awarded posthumously - Amina Okueva, Rustam Khamraev, Shamil Rodigin, Artem Petrunenko and Ruslan Muzdybaev.