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New Clashes in Kyiv: religious leaders calling for violence to stop

18.02.2014, 17:14

Renewed violence breaks out today in Kyiv. Nine people confirmed dead - seven civilians and two policemen.

In the morning the Speaker of the parliament Rybak refused to register the opposition law project on return to the 2004 Constitution, which caused escalation of the situation in the street of Kyiv.

Ukrainian capital is blocked: all metro stations are closed, central roads blocked, road out of Kyiv blocked. Maidan crackdown started. The police is dismantling barricades at the European square, Ukrainian house and Zhovtvenyi Palace around Maidan are already seized by the riot police.
Riot police is using granades, throws Molotov cocktails to set the Maidan tents on fire. BBC journalists report internal troops are armed with Kalashnikov guns. Lot of police is using unnecessary brutal force against people in the streets.

Ukrainian religious leaders issued appeals condemning violence and calling for peace

"With great regret I should say that appeals of churches to prevent the bloodshed and a peaceful settlement of the conflict has not been heard. In the name of God I condemn violence and disregard of human rights and the will of the people. I would like to emphasize that the one who has the power, bears full responsibility for what is happening in the country. I appeal to everyone to immediately stop the bloodshed! I call all the children of the Church to fasting, prayer and solidarity with victims. At this moment, when Ukraine is in danger of fratricide, let all bells in the UGCC churches ringing", whote Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk in his appeal.