OCU speaker: Patriarch Kirill became a victim of his own "spectacular" decisions

30.12.2020, 14:11
OCU speaker: Patriarch Kirill became a victim of his own "spectacular" decisions - фото 1
Patriarch Kirill is being "overtaken" by the consequences of his previous actions and decisions, which then seemed very successful, efficient and "effective", and now they are coming turn out badly for him.

The press-secretary of the OCU, Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya), wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"And now he is paying for a double refusal to recognize the UOC as autocephalous when there was such an opportunity. Although this could help him avoid many losses for the church, and even for the Moscow Patriarchate itself - in 1992 and in 2017-18.

Having shown everyone that the first hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Filaret, can "anathematized" solely based on "political expediency", he opened the "Pandora's box". Now anyone (even the eccentric Diomedes, even the murderer Romanov, even the excommunicated Lukiyanik) can curse any hierarch and consider them as nothing, and themselves as a measure of truth," the OCU speaker said.

Archbishop Yevstratiy recalled how in 2016 Patriarch Kirill tried to disrupt the Pan-Orthodox Council. Now it is reaping the fruit of losing influence even in those local churches that were considered unshakable allies of the MP.

"Wanting to get a numerical majority in the entire episcopate of Orthodoxy through the feverish multiplication of the Russian Orthodox Church, he got a low-quality result, which he is now unable to handle. The history of the nomination, denouncement and condemnation of one of these bishops is very revealing.

Having entered into an alliance with the Kremlin ruler in exchange for not obstructing his election to the throne in 2009, he now pays the bills. For the "ring of power" that the Kremlin's Sauron gives always means slavery, not power.

It is already obvious to everyone (perhaps in his heart - to Patriarch Kirill himself) that most of his ambitions and plans, with which he went to the throne during the 1990s and 2000s, have failed. He has zero public authority. Control of processes in the Russian Orthodox Church is lost, and loud "condemnation" is not a sign of the strength, but of the weakness of the system he built. The authority of the Russian Orthodox Church in ecumenical Orthodoxy has been undermined. Contact and trust of the authorities are lost, it is no longer a partner, but a burden and irritant for the Kremlin. And it is unlikely that anyone - even "MP-liberals", even "MP-conservatives" - can expect anything positive from his further rule.

Only one question remains: will Patriarch Kirill bring the MP to a complete catastrophe, or will he "leave earlier, protect the Church from this difficult time"?", asks Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya).