Parliament issues a resolution recognizing Hamas as a terrorist organization

20.05.2021, 14:43
Parliament issues a resolution recognizing Hamas as a terrorist organization - фото 1
The Servant of the People faction MP Olga Vasilevskaya-Smaglyuk registered a resolution recognizing Hamas as a terrorist organization. Now 15 more deputies have joined the draft resolution.

The deputy announced this on her Facebook page, NV reports.

She recalled that Hamas is a radical Islamic terrorist organization "whose goal is to destroy Israel."

"Over the years, Hamas has shelled Israel with thousands of rockets and hundreds of suicide bombings, as well as other armed attacks that have killed and wounded thousands of innocent people," she wrote.

Arguing her position, Vasilevskaya-Smaglyuk added that today in the Middle East, "the border between terrorism and politics is gradually being erased," which can lead to sad consequences.

She also asks her colleagues to support her in this matter.

Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by Israel, the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, the European Union, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Jordan.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East in May 2021 entered a hot phase. Hundreds of mutual strikes have marked a severe escalation in the region since 2014.

The resumption of hostilities was caused by a conflict related to a dispute over land ownership rights in the Sheikh Jarrah district of East Jerusalem.

Militants from the Hamas group, which dominates the Gaza Strip, demanded that Israel withdraw its troops from the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex, where on May 8 hundreds of Palestinian protesters, outraged by the threat of eviction of other Palestinians, were injured during clashes with security forces.

On May 10, a few minutes after the ultimatum expired, Hamas began attacking Israeli territory.

Over the next two days, the militants fired more than 1,000 rockets. Most of them were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system.

Amid the shelling, the inter-ethnic confrontation in Lod and Bat Yam escalated; aggressive groups of Arabs and Jews tried to organize pogroms. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the introduction of a state of emergency in the city of Lod.

Israel responded by destroying Hamas ' infrastructure and eliminating the group's leaders. From May 12 to 15, airstrikes on the Gaza Strip demolished three high-rise buildings that the Israel Defense Forces claimed housed Hamas offices and control centers.

The IDF is also attacking buildings where Hamas leaders live, according to intelligence reports.

On the night of May 14, the Israel Defense Forces announced that it had launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, but this turned out to be a false manoeuvre; the IDF launched a massive strike on ground targets and underground tunnels used by terrorists.

On May 14, the Hamas group said it was ready to stop shelling Israeli territory, but did not receive a response to a request for a truce.