Pope Francis pledges to keep talking about Ukraine's martyrdom

05.10.2023, 17:49
Pope Francis pledges to keep talking about Ukraine's martyrdom - фото 1
As part of the work of the Papal Synod taking place in the Vatican, His Beatitude Sviatoslav met with His Holiness Pope Francis. During the meeting, the Pope reassured the Head of the UGCC of his support for Ukraine.

This was reported by the Secretariat of the Head of the UGCC in Rome.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav expressed his gratitude to Pope Francis once again for the meeting with the bishops of the UGCC Synod, which took place on September 6th in the Vatican.

"I also thanked His Holiness for the letter he wrote to me after our Synod. He called our meeting an example of true synodality," said His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

The Head of the UGCC asked the Pontiff to continue to make every effort for a just peace in Ukraine.

"I will never tire of speaking about the martyrdom of Ukraine," Pope Francis assured.

As previously reported, from September 3rd to 29th, the XVI Ordinary Assembly of the Papal Synod is taking place in the Vatican. "For a synodal Church: communion, participation, and mission" is the main theme of the synodal meeting. The UGCC is represented by His Beatitude Sviatoslav and Bishops Bohdan Dziurakh and Teodor Martyniuk.