Primate of the OCU Metropolitan Epifaniy calls on the UOC-MP to unite

Primate of the OCU Metropolitan Epifaniy calls on the UOC-MP to unite - фото 1
He said this during a telethon of Ukrainian channels.

This is reported by Ukrinform.

"We have called and are calling now, in this difficult time, on all Ukrainians to unite around our patronal city of Kyiv. We are open, we are ready to receive everyone with love because all Christians in Ukraine must necessarily unite in the one local Orthodox Church. That time has just come. How can they now remember Kirill (the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill - Ed.), who blesses this war? A war against almost those faithful who until then considered him their shepherd. And now we see that the Russian Federation is practically committing genocide against the Ukrainian people," Metropolitan Epifaniy stressed.

The hierarch has noted that, in his opinion, many Orthodox Ukrainians have now opened their eyes, and they have realized how important it is to have their own, recognized Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and not to obey foreign centers that are aggressive towards our Ukrainian state.

"Therefore, I call on everyone – the faithful, clergy, episcopate – of the Russian Orthodox Church of Ukraine to unity," the Primate of the OCU said.

Every day, Metropolitan Epifaniy urges to put an end to Russia's aggression against Ukraine, to close the sky over Ukraine and save tens of thousands of civilians.