Propagandist Solovyov lashed out at Macron for criticizing the Russian Orthodox Church: a pathetic Satanist

26.10.2022, 13:16
Propagandist Solovyov lashed out at Macron for criticizing the Russian Orthodox Church: a pathetic Satanist - фото 1
Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov criticized French President Emmanuel Macron for stating the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the context of the war of conquest waged by the Russian Federation.

Solovyov made a fiery speech on his TV show on the channel "Russia 1", DS reports.

"Just think about it... Macron... This flawed Napoleon... If that one was petite caprale (French: "Little Corporal" — "DS"), then this is a half of petite caprale," the propagandist said.

He was outraged that Macron "dares to talk about Orthodoxy."

Guests of the studio told Solovyov that the French president is a "Catholic" and a "liberal".

"Is he Catholic? Liberal... In a country where anything happens, he opens his dirty mouth and tries to talk about Orthodoxy. Another case is American Catholics..." thought the propagandist.

He mentioned Joseph Biden, the current president of the United States, the second Catholic in the Oval Office of the White House in history.

"Another thing is the second Catholic president of the United States in history, who is friends with the Pope, who swore an oath on the Bible...Solovyov thought.

"Then he got back' to Macron.

"We know that orthodox elites manipulate the Russian government to justify their policy of domination. The role of religion is to protect the dignity and universal respect. We decided to impose sanctions against Russia to help the Ukrainians in the war," Solovyov quoted the French leader as grimacing.

The propagandist addressed the French president in the usual boorish way.

"Do you hear me, Macron? I do not know where you were taught. I once joked, "I do not know where your lawyers studied." I'll tell you this. I do not know who taught you the history of religion and religious studies, but your idea of what religion should do has nothing to do with the reality!" Solovyov shouted.

He continued to make faces, calling Macron names.

"You pathetic little Satanist!" shouted Vladimir Solovyov.

As reported, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, said that the Russian Orthodox Church allows the country's authorities to manipulate it to justify the war in Ukraine and called on the Russian Orthodox Church to resist such pressure.