“Time to recover from the Muscovite toxic propaganda!” - Synod of OCU calls UOC-MP clergy to unity

16.05.2022, 17:21
“Time to recover from the Muscovite toxic propaganda!” - Synod of OCU calls UOC-MP clergy to unity - фото 1
The Synod of the OCU called on the clergy of the UOC-MP to unite, to jointly create a single autocephalous local church, as defined by the canons and the Tomos on autocephaly

This is stated in the appeal of the Synod of the OCU, issued in response to the statement of the clergy of the Moscow Patriarchate. The latter alleged that the Russians started the war through Tomos, Poroshenko and the OCU.

"Like many of you, we learned with sadness and disappointment about the decisions and statements that were made public on behalf of the Metropolia of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine last week," the OCU notes.

The Holy Synod of the OCU calls on the leaders of the MP in Ukraine to recover from the Moscow toxic propaganda and lethargic relaxation, to see the real life of the church and society, their needs and aspirations.

"On behalf of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, we call on you over and over again to unite, to jointly create the one autocephalous local church, as stipulated by the canons and the Tomos of Autocephaly. For thirty years, Moscow has been deceiving you by promising to respond to the conciliar desire of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine to have an autocephalous and administratively independent structure. Where are the solutions promised in Moscow back in 1992? How have you fulfilled the promises to fight for autocephaly, which 30 years ago the hierarchs made in writing in Kyiv and Kharkiv? Instead of real steps and solutions, you are again asked to "reflect and discuss" – in the hope that your management will be able to retain the status quo," the document says.

The OCU assures that communities that join the Ukrainian Church, preserve their traditions, and can freely choose the language of worship.

"Church rectors and clergymen who support the decisions of their communities will remain in their positions. The same applies to the hierarchs of the MP in Ukraine, if they want to fulfill their canonical duty and comply with the ecclesiastical order defined in the Tomos of Autocephaly," the hierarchs of the OCU declare.