RISU-20: keep your finger on the pulse of the essential

08.09.2020, 13:00
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In February 2021, RISU is turning 20. The editorial board is planning to hold several events to celebrate this occasion. In particular, we intend to draw our readers’ attention to religious journalism.

We are restoring the tradition of The Month’s Topics. Every month, there will be a top theme which we shall use to produce more materials.

The central concept of RISU - we present various aspects of religious life to demonstrate its significance and diversity. We want to remind you about this mission we have had since our very foundation.

In September, a new Orthodox liturgical year begins, and as the Bible teaches us, "in the beginning was the Word". This month we shall talk about Faith and the Word. This year's Lviv Book Forum will be held online, and since we are its informational partners, we will try to fill our niche of online presentations. We will learn about religious publications and publishers, as well as introduce our readers to them.

In the upcoming months, we plan to present the following topics in further detail:

  • October - Faith and the Motherland - this month we honor the defenders of the Motherland, and therefore we will talk about such concepts as patriotism and nation, Motherland and its protection in the context of different beliefs;
  • November - The Sheptytsky and Ukraine - this month we commemorate Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, whose 155th 155th birthday anniversary was celebrated this year; therefore, we will talk about the role of the individual in society and the Church while using the contribution made by members of the Sheptytsky family as an example; of course, other prominent figures will be mentioned as well;
  • December - Faith and Action - as the Bible teaches us, faith is dead without deeds, so this month (when it is customary to give others gifts 'from St. Nicholas') we will discuss acts of charity and its essential part in various doctrines;
  • January 2021 - Traditions and Modernity - this month we traditionally discuss the traditions in our lives and their modern variations; therefore, in January, we will talk about faith, traditions, celebratory kitchen and will sing customary carols;
  • February - Religion and the Media – we will review things that have changed over the last 20 years; freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, their self-interest and current challenges; the reason why the media portrays religion in the way it does. This month we will talk, write and testify about these and other issues.

In the upcoming months, we will review many other equally important and intricate topics.

We hope our readers will show interest in delving even deeper into the world of religious information.

Maybe they will take a step further and will become our cocreators (in one way or another) as authors, experts, consultants or philanthropists.

We remind you that RISU is an extra-confessional publication about religion in Ukraine, which exists thanks to donations and grants.

All those willing to support our activities can easily do so via our website.

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