ROC Synod appointed Putin's spiritual father to lead Crimean Metropolia

11.10.2023, 21:10
ROC Synod appointed Putin's spiritual father to lead Crimean Metropolia - фото 1
The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) appointed a clergyman associated with Vladimir Putin to lead the Crimean Diocese. The Synod's meeting took place at the Patriarchal residence in Moscow on October 11th, where various matters, including those related to the Crimean Diocese, were discussed.

During the meeting, the Synod decided to retire Metropolitan Lazarus (Shvets), the previous head of the Diocese of Simferopol and Crimea and expressed gratitude for his 43 years of pastoral service.

The new leader of the diocese is Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov) of Pskov and Porkhov, who was simultaneously relieved of his responsibilities in the Pskov Diocese and several monasteries.

Metropolitan Tikhon is considered one of the most influential hierarchs in the ROC and is often referred to as "Putin's spiritual adviser."

As previously reported, in 2022, the dioceses of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) in Crimea were removed from the jurisdiction of the Kyiv Metropolia and brought into direct subordination to the ROC.

A few months ago, Russian journalist and blogger Ksenia Sobchak interviewed Metropolitan Tikhon Shevkunov. During the conversation, the hierarch alluded to the loneliness of the Russian president and hinted that a war with Ukraine was unavoidable.

A year ago, Metropolitan Tikhon made public statements on a federal television channel, emphasizing the necessity of achieving peace with Ukraine.