The Canadian Ambassador visited the "Kitchen for the Homeless" by Caritas-Spes and distributed hot meals and gifts

04.06.2020, 16:45
Larisa Galadza at the "Kitchen for the Homeless"  - фото 1
Larisa Galadza at the "Kitchen for the Homeless"
Photo source: CMC
Canadian Ambassador Larisa Galadza visited the "Kitchen for the Homeless" by Caritas-Spes on June 2 and handed over gifts collected by Embassy employees.

The courtyard of St. Alexander's Church is adjacent to the area of the Canadian Embassy, and Embassy employees and the Ambassador could observe how people were being fed during the entire quarantine period.

Ms. Larisa and her colleagues took an interest in this service and collected UAH 20 000 to help poor people, and began to prepare additional portions of soup from the Embassy twice a week.

On June 2, the Canadian Ambassador Larisa Galadza made a visit there to feed the poor and homeless people. She distributed hot meals and gifts that were purchased with funds collected by employees of the Canadian Embassy.

"During the quarantine, near the Church, next to the Canadian Embassy, we saw how the homeless were fed every night. Today, our employees have collected funds, purchased hygiene products and prepared a large pot of hot soup. My colleague Larisa and I had a chance to serve dinner and also get to know our neighbors. Twas a privilege to receive so much "thanks" on behalf of the team. We could also enjoy a few conversations with our guests. Everyone has a story, and everyone has a name. And they thanked the @CanEmbUkraine team for noticing. But we say Thank YOU, Caritas-Spes Ukraine, for your work," the Ambassador wrote on Twitter.

According to her, helping the homeless is no new thing for her, because while still in Ottawa, for ten years in a row, once a month, she helped at the Church social center, where about 200 homeless people came.

The program "Kitchen for the Homeless" by the Religious Mission "Caritas-Spes Ukraine" has been continuously operating in Kyiv for more than eight years, twice a week, hot meals were delivered to six locations. Since the beginning of the quarantine, feeding the homeless has taken place daily, on weekdays from 17: 00 to 22: 00 in the courtyard of St Alexander Church, 200 people are fed.

"Caritas-Spes Ukraine" express their gratitude to each donor for supporting the program.