The Head of the UGCC summed up the results of 2022: "We thank God and the Armed Forces of Ukraine for having survived through this year"

30.12.2022, 09:16
The Head of the UGCC summed up the results of 2022: "We thank God and the Armed Forces of Ukraine for having survived through this year" - фото 1
The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Sviatoslav, summed up the results of 2022 in the final TV show "Open Church" on "Zhyve TV".

The Primate of the UGCC noted that in 2022, first of all, we should be grateful to God that we have lived through this year, reports the UGCC Information Department.

We should be grateful, the head of the Church stressed, to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for being alive, that we can move forward, and that our state stands and fights. We see that there is no single family in Ukraine in which someone does not fight. Therefore, the Ukrainian army is truly national. These are the sons and daughters of our people who protect us and get us a future. Therefore, on the one hand, we must thank them for being alive, and on the other hand, we must live to support them.

According to him, we should also thank the volunteers, caring Ukrainians who accepted this challenge of personal responsibility for the fate of their people and their state.

We should be grateful to all those who help Ukraine at different levels: our partners, and believers worldwide, who will now take a piece of bread from their mouths to share it with Ukraine. We must thank them that our hands are not empty when we offer help to those who are in trouble.

We must thank our young people who stood up for the defense of the Homeland. The cause of defense of Ukraine has turned into a youth movement.

We must thank the medical professionals who treat and heal the wounds of war.

We must thank the rescuers who continuously save human lives by extracting those who came under fire from the rubble.

We must thank the power engineers who repair what the enemy is once again trying to destroy.

"I want to thank the women of Ukraine. After all, the woman of Ukraine today is a heroine, a guardian of life, who has taken on her shoulders the burden of this war, in particular in the rear, who raises children, sews clothes for the front, and prepares food for the hungry to feed millions. Unfortunately, the face of a tearful woman is an icon of our state today," His Beatitude Sviatoslav believes.

The head of the UGCC thanked the drivers who deliver vital goods day and night to where people are most waiting. As well as various public organizations, activists, and state authorities, because now it is not so easy and easy to be the authorities in Ukraine. I expressed my gratitude to our diplomats who protect the interests of Ukraine at the international level and to all those who bring our victory day closer every day.