The Institute of Ecumenical Studies has launched the Information Center “Ukrainian Churches in the Time of War”.

21 April, 16:11
The Institute of Ecumenical Studies has launched the Information Center “Ukrainian Churches in the Time of War”. - фото 1
The Center aims to accomplish the information-communication activity in order to spread the information about the situation in Ukraine, the state and the position of the Ukrainian Churches among the foreign media, the institutions and the partners of IES, and, besides, to help the citizens of our country. The Center’s task is to provide comments, interviews, to prepare videos, to communicate with mass media, so that the widest possible circle of the foreign community may receive true and unbiased information about this terrible war, as well as the role of the Churches in peacebuilding.

The employees of the Institute are ready to comment and to give interviews about the situation with the people and the Christian Churches in Ukraine in the English, Italian and French languages, and also to share the contact details of the representatives of various denominations, competent in the matters of religion, with whom the Institute has developed a long-term cooperation. On demand the Institute may provide the translation of the materials into the mentioned languages.

"For us it is essential that the voice of the Christians of Ukraine will be heard around the world. The experience of life during the war, the experience of service, the experience of preaching truth, justice and love that the Ukrainian churches gain every day is extremely valuable for the churches in other countries. It is the testament of being a Christian under the exceptional circumstances, how our faith supports and allows us to remain humans. At the same time, the religious aspects of war and military narratives help to better understand the reasons for the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and suggest ways of peacebuilding“, - Pavlo Smytsnyuk, the director of the Institute, stated.

For further information about the Institute activity:

Contact persons: Pavlo Smytsnyuk [email protected], Roman Fihas [email protected], Taras Kurylets [email protected]