Trusting Moskovia is akin to trusting the devil, - Archbishop of the OCU

11.10.2022, 10:10
Trusting Moskovia is akin to trusting the devil, - Archbishop of the OCU - фото 1
Ukrainians should not trust the Russians as the latter never keep their promises and always cheat.

Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya) wrote about it on his FB page.

"Having trusted Moskovia in the 17th century, we received three and a half centuries of the imperial yoke with all its "benefits" de-Ukrainization, unification under the Russian Standard, enslavement, the use of our people and lands as a resource for the further growth of the evil empire.

Having trusted Bolshevik Moskovia a hundred years ago, they received the Great Terror, the Executed Renaissance, and the Holodomor Genocide.

Trust in Moskovia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the form of various friendship agreements, the nurturing of MP structures at all levels, and the promotion of its interests by local princes turned into the current Great War.

Trusting Moskovia is akin to trusting the devil. Any deal with the devil turns only to the benefit of the evil one," the hierarch of the OCU noted.

The speaker of the OCU noted that Russia would not harm its neighbors only when it breaks up into several states.

"That is why the Muscovite empire should disappear, turning into a space of small states that are physically incapable of threatening anyone. Like present-day Austria, " he stressed.

"I hope to see the ruler of this lesser Russia kneel in Kyiv in front of the Holodomor Memorial and the wall of memory, asking for forgiveness for all the evil that Muscovy has inflicted on Ukraine.

This is the only way to open the door to a long road to building at least some minimal trust. Not earlier," the OCU speaker added.