Turkish diplomats meet with Ukrainian muftis

21.07.2021, 10:14
Ukraine and world
Turkish diplomats meet with Ukrainian muftis - фото 1
In order to respond in a timely manner to requests and needs in the religious sphere of Turkish citizens and other Muslims in Ukraine, the position of religious adviser has been added to the Turkish embassy. For the first time, she was hugged by the representative of the Diyanet (Department of religious affairs of the Republic of Turkey) Ali Chimen, who recently arrived in Ukraine.

This is reported by Islam in Ukraine.

Recently, he and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey to Ukraine Yagmur Ahmet Guldere visited the Ukrainian muftis, the official Facebook page of the embassy reports. It is indicated that the adviser plans to visit various regions of Ukraine in the near future.

Ukrainian muftis also share their impressions of the meeting with the ambassador and adviser on religious issues. According to Mufti of the Duma of the arc DUM ARC Aider Rustemov, he was very happy with this unplanned meeting:

"We congratulated Mr. Ali Chimen on his new position and appointment. They also introduced the activities of regional communities of the spiritual administration of Muslims of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, discussed methods and means of strengthening relations between the Diyanet and the Duma of the arc."

"The meeting was introductory, we told about our activities and the direction of Islam — traditional Sunni Islam — that we represent," says Mufti of the DUM Umma Said Ismagilov about the visit of the guests, which took place a day later. He had the opportunity to talk about the activities of the spiritual administration and its community in different cities, as well as about the life of Muslims in Ukraine as a whole. The guests were interested in the plans and projects implemented by the DUM Umma, and the meeting itself was held in a friendly atmosphere — "absolutely open, full of trust."

"From the representative of Diyanet, I received a translation of the Koran into Ukrainian and other religious literature as a gift. An Islamic encyclopedic dictionary was presented from our side. We agreed to deepen friendship and cooperation between the Muslims of Ukraine and Turkey," Sheikh Said wrote on Facebook.

Representatives of Turkey also met with the head of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine Ahmed Tamim, the organization's website reports.

Reference The Department of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) of the Republic of Turkey is a state agency responsible for coordinating and resolving all issues related to the doctrine of the faith, the implementation of religious rites, ensuring the functioning of mosques, religious educational institutions and educational activities. Diyanet develops texts of Friday sermons, Koran teaching programs for children, trains imams and appoints them to mosques across the country, and issues fatwas — theological opinions on religious issues.