UOC MP urges to pray for peace in Donbas

27.07.2020, 11:05
UOC MP urges to pray for peace in Donbas - фото 1
The Ukrainian Orthodox Church MP called on all believers to pray for peace in the Donbas.

Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary, Chancellor of the UOC, wrote a Russian-language post about it on his Facebook page.

He recalled that a new cease-fire agreement came into force in the Donbas the same day. According to the Metropolitan, this is a symbolic date, as, on this day in previous years, hundreds of thousands of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church traditionally held a procession in Kyiv. It is well known, Anthony alleges, that during this religious procession, sincere and fervent prayer for the establishment of peace in our native land was always heard in the hearts and on the lips of people.

“This agreement gives us all a good opportunity to make significant progress on this path. We very much hope that from now on, there will be no more deaths and injuries on the frontline, as well as in the zone of direct conflict between the parties. That people living on both sides of the front will no longer face the horrors of shelling and the consequences of military action. That life, and not heavy hopelessness and disbelief in the future will slowly take its toll,” he wrote.

And for all this to not become another lost hope over time, according to Anthony, fervent prayers are needed.

“That is why we call on all the faithful children of our Church to prayerfully thank God these days for the grace granted to us and also ask him to make the appropriate decision the beginning of a complete end to the war in Eastern Ukraine,” he added.

The Metropolitan also asked to pray for all the people “who now have a huge responsibility for the future of our country and our people on their shoulders.”

Recall that from today, July 27, a full "cease-fire" came into effect in the Donbas.