"We have already united in seeking and creating freedom, honoring the blessed memory of John Paul II," - Zelensky addresses the Polish Sejm

12.03.2022, 08:55
Ukraine and world
"We have already united in seeking and creating freedom, honoring the blessed memory of John Paul II," - Zelensky addresses the Polish Sejm - фото 1
On March 11, in a video address to the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, President Zelensky thanked Poles for their enormous support for Ukraine and her people during the war. He stressed that Poles and Ukrainians managed to go a long way in their relations from "cool to warm" because "we are brothers - Ukrainians and Poles." "Our children must live in a world of the same values. They must live in a world reigned by freedom, where nations are independent, where family matters and where no one has the right to war, war of aggression," said Volodymyr Zelensky.

The President of Ukraine spoke about another neighbor - Russia, and about 78 Ukrainian children who died from missiles and shelling of the Russian Federation - a neighbor who brought grief and war to our land. "A neighbor who obviously acts in a godless way," Zelensky said, adding:

"When someone acts like a wild beast, it is vital to have those who will lend you a hand. And when the enemy sets foot in your house, they will lend you a helping hand. On the morning of February 24, I had no doubt who it would be, who would say to me: "Brother, your people will not be left alone to deal with the enemy." And I am grateful it happened this way. Polish brothers and sisters stand with us, which is natural. Today, there are no borders between us - physical, historical, or personal.

It is thanks to Ukrainian pride and Polish honor, Ukrainian courage in battle and Polish sincerity in helping us during the 16 days of this war that today I can say these important words. I can say that there is true peace between our peoples. Peace between relatives. Peace between brothers. And now I want our common Belarusian neighbors to hear the same words.

Peace between relatives, peace between neighbors, peace between brothers. We have to come to this with them too! And we will! ... We fight together, and we are strong. Remember that together there are 90 million of us! Together we can do anything. And this is the historic mission - the historic mission of Poland, the historic mission of Ukraine - to be leaders who will pull Europe out of this abyss and save it from this threat, who will prevent Europe from becoming a victim."

Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the Poles for sheltering Ukrainian children and women:

"More than one and a half million citizens of Ukraine! The vast majority are women and children. They do not feel like refugees. They do not feel out of place. You met our people and took them into your families, with Polish tact and brotherly kindness. And so I say - we are already united. We have united - as the great Pole, a close friend of Ukraine, John Paul II, said - to seek and create freedom.

Today, I cannot be sure about all the leaders of all European nations, but I am certain that we stand with you in defending freedom. As long as we need... If God wills it and we win this war, we will share the victory with our brothers and sisters. This is our greatness and yours. This is a fight for our and your freedom. This is the shared history of great nations! God bless us and grant us victory!"