WWII relics were presented to the Jewish Museum of Dnipro

14.07.2020, 11:19
Relics presented to the museum  - фото 1
Relics presented to the museum
Anna Nechpal, a resident of Kakhovka, bought Jewish relics from the WWII period from the Lodz ghetto and donated them to the Jewish Museum of Dnipro.

This was reported by djc.com.ua.

These are two medallions. One in the form of a magendovid, the other - of Khamsa, which Anna Nechpal saw at an Antiques dealer's, who claimed that they were found during the renovation of a house that was located on the territory of the Lodz ghetto, and the inscription “Getto Lodsch” and “1943” on the medallions allows us to attribute them to this terrible period of history accurately and makes them relics that relate to the Holocaust.

“The price (as for such things) was ridiculous, and I bought them to transfer them to a specialized museum - as a memory of those people who survived the war and did not live to win. I believe that such things should not be someone at home, in private collections, etc." said Anna Nepal, passing relics of the Jewish Museum ‘Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine’, “I belong to the generation that was told about the war and its horrors, I'm interested in this topic and understand what was behind these medallions...”

The “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” Museum expressed their gratitude to Anna Leonidovna Nechpal. They informed that soon the medallions from the Lodz Ghetto will be placed in the Museum's exhibition.