Zolochiv holds Viche to oppose construction of the Moscow Patriarchate's church

15.07.2020, 12:36
On Tuesday, July 14, dozens of people gathered near the unauthorized construction of the church of the UOC (MP) in Zolochiv on 9 Trusha street, Lviv region. It demanded that people come outside the gate and speak to the community.

This was reported by the journalist of 'Espreso-Zakhid'.

The people were protesting against the unauthorized construction of the UOC-MP Church. The main requirements of people are to remove the fence that violates the city's urban planning plan and does not meet the requirements approved in the construction plan. Also, people are protesting against the construction of the UOC-MP temple, which is not registered in Zolochiv district. The city authorities note that it will legally operate.

The day before, the Zolochiv City Council ordered the owner of the building to dismantle the illegal fence, since it was erected in violation of state construction regulations. In particular, the fence was erected outside the boundaries set according to the construction passport.

"We will act according to the law. Today, hundreds of people came out who do not agree with the actions of our neighbors. We found gross violations of the urban planning plan. Previously, we had already faced a situation when illegal fences were broken with hammers in the city. We are determined and will stand until the victory," said Ihor Hrynkiv, Mayor of Zolochiv.

The Viche was attended not only by residents of Zolochiv but also by residents of nearby villages. They called on people who were hiding behind the fence to come out to the community. Finally, accompanied by the cries ‘shame’ and urged by the pressure on the part of people, they opened the gates. A priest on the territory confirmed that he represented the Moscow Patriarchate. He turned out to be the husband of the homeowner. The priest did not deny that people were praying here. The man called provocative the community's questions about the army, Crimea and the East.

The community is not going to give up. According to the mayor, in addition to the illegal fence, more violations were found. Therefore, they intend to sue. They will use all possible legal means, but will not allow the spread of the Moscow Church in the city.

On the previous week, several attempts to illegally build a temple of the Moscow Patriarchate were revealed in one of the private houses in Zolochiv. A van was brought to the territory of a house, which is registered as a private house with a plot of land, unknown people soon gathered and held services there. Deputies and the community organized round-the-clock watches and detected a group of people with children going inside at night and leaving at seven-thirty in the morning. The hostess refuses any contact and does not explain her actions. The society does not agree with the construction of a Moscow-backed church since there was no such religious community in the Zolochiv district until now.