Elder Metropolitan of Chalcedon: The pressure on Putin must become more stifling

16.03.2022, 11:09
Ukraine and world
Elder Metropolitan of Chalcedon: The pressure on Putin must become more stifling - фото 1
Elder Metropolitan Emmanuel of Chalcedon spoke in an interview with the newspaper “Ta Nea” on Russia’s war in Ukraine, the need for better coordination between Western governments in order to make the pressure on Russian President Putin “suffocating and unbearable” and for other churches to follow in the recognition of the Autocephaly of Ukraine.

Source: Orthodoxtimes

Metropolitan Emmanuel stressed that this state of war is tragic, both from a Christian and a political point of view. The Ecumenical Patriarch immediately condemned this war.

Referring to the Autocephalous Church of Ukraine, he said that the Ecumenical Patriarchate acted in accordance with the sacred rules by granting autocephaly to the Church of the country. Having been recognized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Patriarchate of Alexandria, the Church of Cyprus, and the Church of Greece, he expressed the view that “soon it will be recognized by other Churches. It is a dynamic and developing Church. We saw this last August when we visited it with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. It has thousands of parishes, millions of believers and has enjoyed the protection of the state since its inception. It is a pity that now with the war, this Church is in danger. ”

Referring to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and his attitude towards the war, he stressed that “The Patriarch of Moscow remains silent for the time being. This is unacceptable. This silence of Patriarch Kirill suggests that he may not be free to express himself. All the interfaith organizations have sent him open letters, asking him to intervene with President Putin to stop this war. But we don’t see any reaction at all.”

Asked if he feels that the Phanar is threatened, he stressed that “we feel no threat whatsoever but we are concerned by the statements of the Russian president that other countries may face his military attacks. The case of Georgia and its territories occupied by Russian forces is a living example. Therefore, these threats should be taken seriously because we do not know the plans of the Russians.”