Invaders in Mariupol killed the adopted daughter of Pastor Hennadiy Mokhnenko

13 March, 17:31
Invaders in Mariupol killed the adopted daughter of Pastor Hennadiy Mokhnenko - фото 1
Pastor Hennadiy Mokhnenko told Radio Maria about the awful crimes that russcists commit in Mariupol and the genocide of Ukrainians. In this horror, the pastor lost his adopted daughter.

"The invaders have already killed several thousand civilians in Mariupol. And these are only official statistics, which are obviously far from reality. Because... no one counted my adopted daughter, of whom there was nothing left! She was an orphan. And today I was informed that her son was also an orphan. There are many such people who were not accounted for! This is genocide! This has no explanation or justification.

The city of Mariupol has been turned into a real hell by the invaders! Hundreds of women and children are sitting in the basement of my church! They no longer have food, no water, no heat ... nothing!

I have long since lost count of how long this war lasts. They (the invaders - Ed.) continue to kill people every day and every hour! They shoot with everything they have! Civilians do not have time to sort out the rubble!

Yesterday, the family of one of my adopted sons broke out of Mariupol. They drove through hot roadblocks where the corpses of soldiers lay. They were exposed under fire and miraculously remained intact!

And another of our foster families somehow miraculously escaped, but they did not live in Mariupol itself, but in a village that is located nearby. In the city itself, a complete nightmare reigns! Battles continue, they hold the defense!

I am absolutely convinced that the Lord will finish off all these KGBist evil spirits with Ukraine!
I am convinced that the deaths of our boys, girls and my daughter are not in vain! I am confident that we will break through and build a better country for our children and grandchildren," pastor Hennadiy Mokhnenko says.

In addition, the city council reported that in Mariupol, as a result of Russian airstrikes, 2,187 citizens were killed.

The city council reports that the invaders purposefully hit residential buildings, crowded places, completely destroy children's hospitals and completely destroy the city's infrastructure.

The authorities note that the greatest threat is coming from the sky for 400 thousand Mariupol residents, who are now blocked in the city and call for closing the sky or providing air defense systems.