Patriarch of UGCC names possible conditions for reconciliation with Russia

21.04.2022, 14:50
Patriarch of UGCC names possible conditions for reconciliation with Russia - фото 1
Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church believes that Christians cannot completely reject the idea of reconciliation with their enemies. However, reconciliation with Russia is possible only if certain conditions are met.

The first hierarch said this in an interview with NV, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

"The Apostle Paul said that he considers it the main mission of his apostolic preaching to preach reconciliation between God and man. Therefore, we Christians cannot reject the idea of reconciliation as such," says Patriarch Sviatoslav.

In his opinion, the theme of reconciliation with the Russian Federation is very sensitive. "Abusing it can have the exact opposite effect: people will simply reject the idea as such, and this will lead to fully irreparable consequences.

Reconciliation between people is a long process of healing wounds. And for it to start, certain conditions are necessary," the head of the UGCC said.

The head of the UGСC believes that the first condition for reconciliation is the termination of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

"The first condition is to stop killing us. You can't talk about treating wounds when the enemy is constantly inflicting them on you. To put up, first of all, you need to be alive," he says.

The second point, without which no reconciliation may begin, is the condemnation of the war criminal and his ideology.

"There could have been no reconciliation with the Polish and German peoples, which was initiated by the Catholic episcopate in the 1960s if the Nuremberg trials had not taken place.

In our situation, any beginning of a dialogue on reconciliation between Ukrainians and Russians can only occur when the Nuremberg trials on this murderous ideology, which was declared as a textbook of genocide against Ukrainians by official Russian media outlets, take place," he says.

Currently, the calls and any gestures of reconciliation for Ukrainians are offensive and very painful, the head of the UGCC believes.