"Persecution" of the UOC-MP exists only in the virtual space of pro-Moscow propaganda - Andriy Dudchenko

17 February, 08:30
"Persecution" of the UOC-MP exists only in the virtual space of pro-Moscow propaganda - Andriy Dudchenko - фото 1
Former cleric of the UOC-MP, and today archpriest of the OCU, well-known theologian, publicist Fr. Andriy Dudchenko said that in fact, the jurisdiction of the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate freely serves, builds and consecrates new churches, goes in processions and no one forbids it.

In his Facebook post, Andriy Dudchenko notes: "oddly enough, supporters of the OCU, not the UOC-MP, sometimes get sticks in the wheels from the current government."

In confirmation of this, he told about one of the situations:

"Somewhere in the vast expanses of the cherished one, there has long been a lively, effective and openly pro-Ukrainian community in the bosom of the UOC-MP. In recent years, especially since the beginning of the Russian aggression, the rector and the community have built their own world under the ice of Moscow's lies. All services in this parish are conducted in Ukrainian. The community would be happy to join the OCU, especially since they have long known the local bishop of the OCU and are on good terms. What's stopping them? The rector says that the regional authorities actually made it impossible to re-register communities. And the priest doesn't want to leave without a community. The region has an unspoken order from 2019. The episcopal guys (UOC-MP) bragged that they immediately receive a copy as soon as the application for changing church jurisdiction is received by the regional state administration. And the local diocese of the UOC-MP has an agreement with local "titushkas" on cooperation. The community follows the Vinnytsia region, where a number of parishes that joined the OCU together with their bishop are still fighting in court convulsions for churches, and does not want to overestimate their own perspective."