Police caught the arsonist of the Mariupol synagogue

13.08.2020, 12:16
Police caught the arsonist of the Mariupol synagogue - фото 1
Police have detained a suspect in the attack on a synagogue in Mariupol. This was reported to the United Jewish Community of Ukraine by Rabbi Menachem Mendl Cohen.

The suspect named Julius Caesar-Galaryrogailaliyar Ilich was arrested following the operational search activities, according to Jewishnews.

"The Jewish community of Mariupol expresses its profound gratitude to the police of the Donetsk region and the Security Service of Ukraine for all their efforts, round-the-clock work, and, as a result, the capture of a dangerous criminal who threatened the lives of the Jews of Mariupol. We are eternally grateful to everyone who participated in solving this case. The Jewish community has always been an essential part of Mariupol. This terrible incident has shown how many people are not indifferent in our city, people who are trying to help and support us. Thank you very much for this. Thanks to everyone who supported and prayed for us, " Menachem Mendl Cohen said.

As it was previously reported, on July 28, 2020, a man wieling an axe broke into the synagogue of Mariupol. In the course of the fight, the guard managed to take the axe from the attacker and push him out of the synagogue building. The suspect threw garbage with feces in the direction of the synagogue and disappeared. After the attack, the police quickly began searching for the suspect.

The U.S. Embassy responded to the attack on a synagogue in Mariupol.