RISU invites you to join the international movement #ShchedryiVivtorok

30.11.2021, 09:49
RISU invites you to join the international movement #ShchedryiVivtorok - фото 1
Today marks the All-Ukrainian day of good deeds-it is part of the world charity movement #Shchedryivtorok / #GivingTuesday. On this day, millions of people around the world do good deeds and promote a culture of charity.

Many of us do charity work every day without even thinking about it. And on this day, special attention is paid to the need for charity: what it can be, why it concerns everyone, what is the use of it, and so on.

In most world religions, charity is laid down as an important element of faith in action. Alms, donations, guardianship of orphans, the poor and homeless — these and many other tasks are the responsibility of Christians, Jews, Muslims and representatives of other faiths.

Charity can be different and relate to different causes. In particular, it can be support for social projects, in particular, media.

Today such support is requested by the editorial board of the Religious Information Service of Ukraine. As we previously reported, we launched a new website in 2020. The developer company, understanding our situation, agreed to wait a year for payment. But a year and a half has passed since then, and we have collected and paid only a quarter of its cost. Any work should be paid on time — we firmly believe and want to pay for the site as quickly as possible.

Therefore we humbly appeal to all our readers with a request to help collect the required sum as soon as possible - and this is UAH 251 thousand for the new RISU website.

Supporting RISU is easy: go to the page, fill in your bank details, and make a donation.

It is also easy to do for our international friends - all banking details can be found here.

RISU operates at the expense of grants and donors, none of the churches or religious organizations finances us - some specific individuals or institutions support us.

Over 20 years, RISU has almost always had a basic modest financial background. In 2021, we were left without it.

His Eminence Borys Gudziak often repeats that fundraising is friend-raising! And our old friend Mykhailo Salo says that, of course, there are important sponsors who give large amounts once, but especially valuable are those friends who give larger or smaller amounts, but do it regularly, preferably monthly!

When at the beginning of the year we called on our friends to become the donors of RISU, dozens of people responded and supported us, and many of them do it regularly, monthly and still do.

We continue to gather regular friends-readers-authors and just good people who care about what is happening with religious journalism in Ukraine, and who believe that such projects as RISU should fully operate and develop.

And let not the hand of the one who sacrifices for a good cause be impoverished!

RISU invites you to join the international movement #ShchedryiVivtorok - фото 83293