SBU announces suspicion to Shariy: high treason and incitement to religious hatred

16.02.2021, 16:20
SBU announces suspicion to Shariy: high treason and incitement to religious hatred - фото 1
The Security Service of Ukraine has announced the suspicion of committing a crime to a citizen of Ukraine, Anatoly According to investigators, he carried out illegal activities to the detriment of the national security of Ukraine in the information sector. There is reason to believe that Anatoly Shariy acted on the order of foreign structures.

This is reported by the SBU website.

The suspicion was served under the procedural guidance of the Kyiv city prosecutor's office in criminal proceedings under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – Part 1 of Article 111 (high treason) and Part 1 of Article 161 (violation of equal rights of citizens depending on their race, nationality, religious beliefs, disability and other grounds). In particular, the last article refers to inciting national, racial or religious hatred and intolerance, humiliating national honor and dignity, and so on.

The evidence of the investigation is confirmed by a number of expert studies, which established that in the interviews and speeches of A. Shariy there are facts of his subversive activities against Ukraine.

The investigation also took into account repeated statements and appeals of citizens and organizations regarding possible anti-Ukrainian activities of the blogger based on materials distributed by him on the internet and speeches in the Russian media.

Now investigative actions are continuing, documentation of all the circumstances of the crime is being studied, and other persons who contributed or may be involved in the systemic illegal activities of A. Shariy are being identified.

Since 2012, through social networks, electronic media and Russian television channels, he has assisted the state and non-governmental entities of the Russian Federation in conducting special information operations.

In particular, the propagandist was engaged in discrediting the state policy of Ukraine, deliberately and purposefully disseminated manipulative, distorted information about government initiatives and events in the east of the country. The goal was to aggravate and destabilize the socio-political and socio-economic situation, incite interethnic and interfaith conflicts.

Such illegal actions of Anatoly Shariy were actively used by the Russian media, in particular, the TV channels of the main propaganda state company VGTRK ("Russia 24", "Russia 1"), the TV channel of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation "Zvezda", etc.