Ukrainian "Shchedryk" performed in the Caucasus Mountains

28.12.2020, 09:48
Ukrainian "Shchedryk" performed in the Caucasus Mountains - фото 1
Musicians from Ukraine and Azerbaijan performed "Shchedryk" by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych on one of the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains.

This is reported by UNIAN.

Old Caucasian instruments provided new colors to the Ukrainian melody.

Net users notice the special atmosphere of the video, as the artists were recorded in the Snowy Mountains during sunset.

"Talented Ukrainian musician Polina Desyatnychenko specially came from Canada to Azerbaijan to study the art of Mugamu. And the newly created Ukrainian – Azerbaijani tandem allowed the Ukrainian "Shchedryk" to sound in a new way with the help of ancient Azerbaijani musical instruments," Ukrainian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Vladislav Kanevsky said on YouTube.

Facts about "Shchedryk" by Leontovych:

The world-famous work for the choir "Shchedryk" is one of those that Mykola Leontovych worked on almost all his life. The original text source is connected with the pre-Christian era when the new year began in early spring with the return of swallows to Ukraine.

Organically combining the techniques of folk polyphony with the achievement of classical Polyphony, the composer achieved that each voice plays a completely independent expressive role, reproducing the subtlest changes in mood in the song, presenting each artistic image in the ultimate completion.

The composer resorts to so-called organ points, against which he builds complex sound complexes. Thus, it achieves a special harmonious saturation and tension of the sound.

The English-language version of the text, known as Carol of the Bells, was composed in the 1930s by a conductor, choirmaster, and music teacher Peter Vilgovsky.