Apostolic nuncio remains in Kyiv: People here became brothers and sisters

01.03.2022, 10:17
Apostolic nuncio remains in Kyiv: People here became brothers and sisters - фото 1
The Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine, Archbishop Visvaldas Kulbokas, did not leave Kyiv. He moves with a backpack in the Nunciature, "because you never know where you will be in a few seconds.". Like most Ukrainians, the nuncio can get in touch when shells and missiles give a break.

Archbishop Viswaldas Kulbokas said this in an interview with the Vatican News.

"I must say that this situation has created consequences that I would call beautiful," the Archbishop said.

"We can see considerable solidarity at the confessional, interreligious level, supported by the solidarity at the global level, at least I see a lot of attention from the large part of the world, much help is being received. And, first of all, hearts: hearts that are with us," he said.

"It occurs to me that if I were God and saw the great solidarity between human beings, how they help each other, support each other, open their hearts, in general – show love and proximity, I would say: how wonderful it is to see people who have become brothers and sisters! And the conclusion would be as follows: enough, the test has been passed, the challenge of tragedy has been overcome, no more war is needed! Here's peace as a gift. Also, in the midst of the great calamity of war, there are the fruits of humanity's conversion. There is a feeling that this brotherhood has grown incredibly in just a few days. I have spoken about this with the nuns from the Nunciature, and we share this very encouraging reading of what is happening," the Apostolic Nuncio stressed.