Russian propaganda spreads false video accusing Ukrainian soldiers of Koran desecration

16.03.2023, 16:25
Russian propaganda spreads false video accusing Ukrainian soldiers of Koran desecration - фото 1
Ukrainian Armed Forces were accused of allegedly desecrating the Koran in a video circulated by Russian propaganda. This attempt by the enemy propagandists aims to incite hostility towards Ukrainians from the Muslim community.

According to Informator, citing the SPRAVDI Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, The Readovka Telegram channel's propagandists released a video purportedly depicting Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers slicing lard on a Quran subsequently setting it on fire in a mockery of the Islamic religion. However, this video has proven to be staged.

The Center for Strategic Communications highlighted the poor Ukrainian language skills in the video, including the use of Russian words and an evident Russian accent, such as the phrase "guys, can't burn a bonfire." The Russian aim behind sharing such obvious fabrications is to undermine the reputation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine among Muslim nations.

Moreover, this is not the first time Russians have orchestrated such a provocation related to Islam. Previously, they organized an operation to burn the Quran near the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm to impede Sweden's plans for NATO integration.

Ukrainian Muslims responded to the Russian provocation. Representatives from the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah" have stated that the latest disinformation from the Russian Federation is an attempt to undermine the situation on religious and interethnic grounds.

"The enemy's intent is to discredit the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is not a coincidence that the videos have surfaced and are being actively spread through Russian propaganda media just before the start of the holy month of Ramadan," the RAMU Ummah stated.

“Ukrainian Muslims understand that religious intolerance and Islamophobia are common in Russia. These videos should not deceive us about who our enemy is and what they are willing to do to achieve their objectives," the statement reads.