Union of Orthodox Citizens terms 'LPR/DPR' the 'vanguard of the Russian World' and urges to help them

04.02.2021, 14:58
The Union of Orthodox Citizens, which is an association of the faithful of the Russian Orthodox Church MP with no fixed membership, issued a statement on February 3. The Union of Orthodox Citizens advises the leadership of the Russian Federation, after the elimination of "influential elite circles", to implement "its own civilizational and geopolitical project" based on "the reunification of the divided Orthodox Russian people."

The Union of Orthodox Citizens considers the method of such "reunification" to be "repeated strengthening of the momentum provided by the reunification of Crimea with Russia", through the unification of the Russian Federation with Belarus and "real assistance" to the "DPR" and "LPR" groups, which are recognized as terrorist organizations in Ukraine. The leader of the Union of Orthodox Citizens, Valentyn Lebedev calls these organizations "the vanguard of the Russian World."

This is reported by "Credo.Press" with reference to the corresponding statement of the Union of Orthodox Citizens signed by the chairman of this organization — Valentin Lebedev.

The Union of Orthodox Citizens also expressed its position on revoking the licenses of three Medvedchuk channels. The Union of Orthodox Citizens calls this decision a "massacre of the UOC" and the execution of the order of the new US Secretary of State. However, it does not provide documentary evidence for this.

According to experts, the stylistic and grammatical features of the text indicate that its author is Kirill Frolov, who called himself the "press secretary of the Union of Orthodox Citizens". According to the members of the" Union", Valentyn Lebedev, due to his advanced age and state of health, now does not conduct any active social and ecclesiastical activities.